'Liz Truss should launch OnlyFans page after getting boot from No 10' says sex doll firm - Daily Star

2022-11-10 21:25:59 By : Ms. Mia Yu

EXCLUSIVE Now that's she's out of a job the outgoing Prime Minister Liz Truss should start an OnlyFans, says a sex doll maker who crafts bespoke dolls and thinks the politician could be a hit

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Out-of-a-job Liz Truss "should start an OnlyFans" now that she's stepped down as Prime Minister, says a sex doll maker that wants to craft a life size figure of her.

Truss failed to outlast the Daily Star lettuce when she announced that she will relinquish her premiership after just 44 days in office, which when effective will make her the shortest-serving Prime Minister in British history.

And she has become the butt of the nation's, and the world's jokes, with one sex doll manufacturer urging her to sign up to adult subscription site OnlyFans.

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"Looks like Liz Truss is going to need a new job so I suggest, possibly opening up an OnlyFans page and we can make a sex doll and toy of her!" said Ben Stroud, CEO of Inferno Official, maker of bespoke sex dolls and toys.

"She can promote it and make herself a few pound notes, I think that would be very advisable - come on Liz!"

Inferno Dolls, who previously threatened to create a Piers Morgan doll, is worldwide industry leader in the manufacture and supply of lifelike dolls and toys.

Stroud's 20-plus staff in a Chinese factory sculpt penises, porn star vaginas and the bodies of their rubber dolls, one of which costs around ÂŁ5k to make by hand.

Inferno offers customized sex dolls, where you can design your own and add extras, as shown by the Star in a previous story.

Mr Stroud pointed out that he can't make a sex doll without the outgoing PM's permission but thinks there would be interest in the product.

He said: "She's sort of an older woman, bit of a Dame Judi Dench type so I think people would be interested.

"When I started making sex dolls I expected people to ask for like Pamela Anderson from the past in Baywatch or a really hot film star like Megan Fox, that's probably because if I was going to have one that's what I'd want.

"But all the customise requests...not one of them have been a fit bird. They've all been either a male or a fat girl, or a woman that's hairy.

"There's always something, it's never been just your straight forward sort of movie star. Always something a bit different, a bit weird."

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