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PSA Oxygen Generator for HospitalPLANT DATA:Production capacity: 1 to 200Nm³/H Purity: 93+/-3% Pressure: 0.25~0.5MPaBrand Name: TECHRAY      Certification: ISOFull Service Provided: Overseas service center availableDew point: -45ºC - -60ºC Working principle and process:With air as material

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PSA Oxygen Generator for Hospital
Oxygen Making Machine/Oxygen Filling Cylinder for Hospital Medical
Oxygen Making Machine/Oxygen Filling Cylinder for Hospital Medical
Oxygen Making Machine/Oxygen Filling Cylinder for Hospital Medical
Production capacity: 1 to 200Nm³/H
Purity: 93+/-3%
Pressure: 0.25~0.5MPa
Brand Name: TECHRAY      
Certification: ISO
Full Service Provided: Overseas service center available
Dew point: -45ºC - -60ºC

Working principle and process:
With air as material and molecular sieve as absorbent, TECHRAY's modular oxygen generator system is to adopt advanced PSA(Pressure Swing Adsorption) air separation technique to form a circulation process of absorption during compression and desorption during decompression so as to produce oxygen by separating oxygen and nitrogen in the air by using the physical property that under normal temperature and low pressure, so that the purity of oxygen is exceeded 93%+-3%v/v.
Oxygen Making Machine/Oxygen Filling Cylinder for Hospital Medical


Oxygen Making Machine/Oxygen Filling Cylinder for Hospital Medical
1. Modular oxygen generator
  Launched new design of modular oxygen generator in the world with its advantage of preventing molecular sieve
  powder, precise control, high output and low consumption, convenient maintaining and repairing, low noise and
  no need certification of pressure vessel.

2. Air processor

  Exclusively equipped a new components named AIR PROCESSOR, which can be solving the problems of
  removing water, oil and impurities, regulation of temperature and controlling gas supply. It also can be maken
 our whole system to work in the different enviromental, like as:
       High-cold type of oxygen generation system
       Highland type of oxygen generation system
       High temperature and humidity type of oxygen generation system
       High-salt type of oxygen generation system

3. Air compressor and Air dryer
  Deeply Cooperated with the global top 500 companies--KOBELCO for air compressor and dryer customization. 
  And equipped return temperature device in Dryer

4.  Lithium molecular sieve

  The particles are large and hard which is difficult to be pulverized, the adsorption capacity of nitrogen is 150%
  higher than that of traditional adsorbent and the separation coefficient of oxygen and nitrogen has increased
  from 3 times to 6 times.

5. PCL  controller (SIMENS)
  Programmable controller which is more precise, stable control and customized programming can control single,
  double or multi units

6. Optimal pneumatic shuttle valve
  Adopted optimal pneumatic shuttle valve has advantages of small appearance, compact structure, high
 sensitivity, precise execution, rapid switching, top sealing performance and the life is more than 1 million times.

7. Oxygen analyzer
  Adopted variable frequency ion flow oxygen analyzer with ion flow oxygen sensor. It has a high-performance 
  ARM microprocessor, high purity measurement and high precision detection

8. Impedance compound silencer
  The impedance compound silencer has the advantages of wide frequency band, wide application and 5-10 times
  noise reduction

9. Remote monitoring system
  24 hours unguarded ¦ Human-computer interaction ¦
Alarm function ¦ Data monitoring ¦ Full network connection



Techray Medical Technology Co., Ltd. is an innovative manufacturer which integrates the research, design, production, sales, installation, commissioning and after-sales for PSA oxygen generator, Oxygen cylinder filling system and Ward nursing system in Changsha, Hunan (China). The company serves oxygen health industry with rugged and reliable medical PSA Oxygen Generators. Our systems are at work, accurately & efficiently serving users' oxygen requirements in China, India, Africa, Indonesia, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Southeast Asia and Mid-East. Founded in 2007,our company has more than a decade of experience of innovating systems for hospitals. By associating with us, customers will be associating their name with one of the world's leader in systems based on  Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA) Technology. We are a team of 400 passionate people, who are committed to achieve customer satisfaction through our core values of Open Communication, Innovation and Professionalism.

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