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2022-10-01 09:53:17 By : Ms. Sarah Chen

Thank you La Niña once again for making our lives harder. 

When it comes to drying clothes, families can be divided. There are the people who throw everything in the dryer and hope nothing shrinks, the ones who watch TV surrounded by clothes hanging on indoor racks, and others who just live in denial and leave clothes hanging outside hoping the sun comes out... eventually. 

But with the rise in the cost of living for many Australians combined with La Niña wreaking havoc once again, families are reluctant to use their dryers at home. 

Well, one TikToker has discovered a way around that!

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TikToker Ann Russell has gained a following on the social media platform by offering up her top tips for daily chores and her latest one is a winner for those wondering how to get their clothes dry with all the rain we've been dumped with.

The tip came after Ann was asked a common question: “Can you give me some tips on how to dry laundry over the cold weather? I can’t put my dryer or rads [radiators] on due to the cost.”

Naturally, we all tuned in. 

Ann's tip was to hang clothes indoors out of the wild weather with a cold fan blowing in its direction. A normal fan is cheaper than one that heats up the room, and definitely cheaper than having the tumble dryer on for multiple loads too. 

“A fan. Not a fan heater. It blows cold air. It doesn’t cost a great deal of money," she explained with images of her set up at home. 

And if you're concerned about the impact on your health for leaving wet clothes inside, Ann had a tip for that too. 

“Leave your windows cracked so the warm moist air that rises will go out and you are good to go. It works really well.”

The video gathered over 12K likes with many praising the woman for her helpful advice.

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Earlier this month, another mum shared how she managed to dry her clothes outside when it's raining. 

TikTok user @moneymumofficial posted a clip this week to show her 66,000 followers how she puts a gazebo up over her backyard washing line to protect it from bad weather.

In text over the clip, she wrote: "Save some money on electricity!

"The autumn will be here soon, and the rain will soon kick in.

"So rather than dry the washing in the house on an airer or on the radiators or use the tumble dryer… we've put the pop-up tent over the washing line!"

Viewers loved the idea, as the clip has been liked almost 3000 times.