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2022-07-30 06:47:11 By : Ms. Lan Li

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The wet scrubber tower also called spray tower, purification tower, spray column. It is a new type of  industrial waste gas treatment and processing equipment.

The principle is that the spray liquid and exhaust gas contact at the same time using the packing layer to change the flow direction and flow rate, so as to increase the contact surface, the acid and alkali exhaust gas neutralization absorption.

This type of scrubber tower can also absorb solvents such as Alcohol and gases such as Ammonia. Almost any water soluble chemical can be removed from the gas using a wet scrubber tower. Wet scrubber tower can also be used to remove trace quantities such as removing odors including Hydrogen Sulfide.

The exhaust gas is introduced into the purification tower (wet scrubber tower) by the wind pipe. Through the packing layer, the exhaust gas and the absorption liquid are fully exposed to the absorption and neutralization reaction of the gas-liquid two phase. After the exhaust gas is purified, the fan is discharged into the atmosphere by the dehydration of the mist removal plate and the mist eliminator. The absorption liquid is pressurized by the pump at the bottom of the tower and then sprayed down at the top of the tower. Finally, it is recycled to the bottom of the tower for recycling. The purified acid mist exhaust gas is lower than the national emission standard.

According to waste gas type and temperature, we can use PP(Polypropylene)FRP(Glass fiber reinforced plastic), mild steel, stainless steel as the wet scrubber’s body, The materials of the corresponding internal accessories will also change. For example, there are four kinds of grid plates: PP, FRP, carbon steel and stainless steel, and high surface area materials include PP, ceramic rings, and stainless steel Raschig rings. The nozzles are available in stainless steel, PTFE (polytetrafluoro-ethylene) and titanium alloy materials.

There are many different types of packing. BIOETP Environmental will design based on the specific application and can use virtually any supplier for this packing material. The material of construction is either metal or plastic depending on the temperatures and gases to be absorbed.

We provide services include scrubber system designing and manufacturing,Installation,Microorganism seeding,Operation training etc. Years of experience allow us to assure the unit will work correctly. 

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