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2022-10-01 09:53:13 By : Ms. Sarah Chen

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Remember last holiday season when it seemed like everybody and their mother got a Dyson AirWrap for Christmas? And now, as a lasting effect, you’re probably seeing the incredible device all over your TikTok, in tutorials, reviews and GRWMs. If you’re like me and didn’t get one under your stocking, you probably have held in a huge amount of FOMO for way too long. But I have good news for you: Shark, a company known for its high-tech vacuums just like Dyson, just released its own version of the AirWrap, and it’s just as good…and half the price.

Compared to the AirWrap’s $600 price tag, the Shark FlexStyle system rings in at $250. In this set, you’ll get the choice of what three dryer heads are included—a flat brush, round brush, diffuser, style concentrator or curling rods—this way, what you pay for is exactly what you need.

I was lucky enough to test each of these attachments, and I was blown away but them and the appliance itself. As somebody who tries out beauty products for their literal job, I’ve grown a bit jaded over the years to new releases, but this one is worth every bit of hype it gets (and then some).

For one, I figured out how to use it without reading instructions. I’m a bad consumer in that anything that comes with a manual, I’ll often opt out of buying or throw in my closet to never use again. Those instructionals are intimidating!! But the Shark styler was super easy to figure out. It comes with a round dryer that has a simple on/off switch and three buttons that change the air from hot to cold, or the intensity of the air from light to heavy. It took less than a minute to master these.

Second, the attachments were extremely easy to get on. You just plop them into the top section and they’ll latch on. If you want them out, you’ll press down on the release at the top to unlock the attachment. Oh, and my favorite user-friendly feature: the curling rods have arrows that point in the direction your hair will curl. This is a total game-changer because, with other blowout brushes, I’ve struggled to figure out what I’m doing with each side of hair until it’s too late and my locks are already pressed into place.

The Shark FlexStyle system takes away any guesswork from at-home blowouts and allows me to expertly and precisely style my hair every time.

I’ve been dying my hair for years now and hate using hot tools because they damage my hair even more than bleach, but my locks are safe with the FlexStyle. It takes away layering on the heat like my typical blow dry then curling iron combo, since it does each job at the same time. And, since it relied on air to style instead of heat, the damage stays at a minimum.

I have thin hair but a lot of strands that come just below my collar bones. It usually takes me about 15 minutes to blow dry my locks but with this device, I can get everything done—the drying and the styling—in just 10.

I like to use the styling concentrate attachment first to dry my hair a little and tame flyaways before I use my curling attachments for a full blowout. Sometimes, if I’m on the second day of a straight style, I use the flat brush to give a quick facelift and add some bounce to my locks. If I’m feeling fancy, I’ll use the round brush on the ends to curl the pieces into a bouncy vintage style.

Trust me when I say this appliance works just as well as the Dyson AirWrap. I’ve tested that one a bunch by using my friends’ and can attest that both stylers are equally as amazing. But this one will save you $350, so…the choice is yours.

Whether you’re looking to gift an AirWrap this holiday season, or just want a quality styler of your own, you’ll get just what you need with this alternative device.

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