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November 22, 2021 03:18 ET | Source: Kronos Advanced Technologies Inc. Kronos Advanced Technologies Inc.

Parkersburg, West Virginia, November 22, 2021 (Global News Agency) - Konos Advanced Technologies (OTC: KNOS) is a company focused on building a complete line of equipment that can improve us The air to breathe, water to drink and food to eat, in general, the environment we live in today announced that it has completed the acquisition of new design and manufacturing facilities. This milestone now begins the task of providing cutting-edge facility improvements. These improvements have already begun and are scheduled to be completed on December 31, 2021. The acquisition includes a turnkey electronics manufacturing facility with on-site robotic assembly equipment and 85,000 square feet of manufacturing space located on the border of West Virginia and Ohio. 

"This acquisition will become the cornerstone of three strategic initiatives to promote our company's future development: Transition to the United States (our supply chain return), design excellence (global leading design products), and non-contact manufacturing (industry 4.0 manufacturing processes)." , Said Joseph Florence, chief technology officer and chief operating officer.

"We will bring jobs to Parkersburg, West Virginia and the Central Ohio Valley. We plan to hire 300 employees in this new factory. Our location is centrally located off the east coast of the United States, 8 hours from major metropolises. The driving area of ​​the United States accounts for half (1/2) of the U.S. population and one-third (1/3) of the Canadian market. The tower is composed of 160,000 people. The professional ethics and willingness of the local workforce, as well as our accessibility outside the direct market, will become our company's competitive advantage," Mr. Florence said.

"With existing procurement equipment and trained electronic assembly staff, Kronos will be able to achieve our transition to a US consumer and industrial product manufacturer. In addition, we will have the ability to manufacture in contract manufacturing (B2B) and Kronos® products to ensure Our manufacturing relevance and subsidies for our overhead costs. This strategy will further differentiate Kronos from our competitors by reducing development risks and costs.” Kronos President Michael Rubinov said. Kronos currently has several product designs that are close to being manufactured. In addition, the company is planning to invest in technology to continuously improve our global manufacturing competitiveness. 

"We are setting the course for the continued flow of Kronos' innovation and product leadership," said Mr. Florence. "Kronos is the only public company with our innovative air purification technology. We look forward to manufacturing and marketing all of our products in an American-made way. Our customers can rely on our next-generation innovative products as market disruptors. We plan to develop one A globally recognized product brand related to providing a disease-free life. Our goal is to rapidly develop and design world-class products driven by the voice of customers, and then manufacture each product with such a strict quality level to establish a market. We choose to compete Standards for each product category. We will be best in class!"

Kronos sells the most effective patented air purifiers in the world. Our products not only operate at an excellent performance level, they are also quieter than HEPA air purifiers. The noise level ranges from 22dB (sleep mode) to 57dB (turbine mode), with an average of 34dB, which is half of the traditional air purification system, but more effective. This noise level is as quiet as a soft hum, and only when the equipment detects, neutralizes and purifies the air pollutants, smoke, odors, gases, viruses, molds and allergens will it increase significantly. Removed from the atmosphere.

Kronos' safer indoor air quality products include KRONOS® MODEL 3, MODEL 5 and MODEL 8 (also sold as Airdog® products). Kronos MODEL 3 (recommended retail price of US$450) is our best-selling bedroom. Its air purification performance provides "safety" while operating at a level that is described as whispering quiet. The patented Kronos ®CORE technology is the latest development in air purifier technology. It generates a high-voltage electric field called cold plasma, which charges particles such as viruses and bacteria. Unlike traditional air purifiers that trap pollutants on HEPA filters, Kronos® filterless technology destroys pollutants as they pass through a charged electric field. 

This space age technology allows MODEL 3 to actively collect particles six times smaller than other air purifiers! This superior filtration technology completely eliminates the need for HEPA filters-no need to replace expensive filters. In fact, the Kronos® three-layer washable filter is equivalent to a zero-dollar maintenance cost, while eliminating up to 99.9% of harmful particles, 99.9% of PM 2.5 and 99% of chemical toxins.

Model 5 (recommended retail price of $650): Best suited for a room of 1400 square feet. ft. The air can be disinfected and purified 24/7 (bedroom, living room, etc.). This Model 5 measures 26 (height) x 12 (length) x 12 (width) inches, weighs 28.9 pounds, and consumes only 20-60 watts (110/240 volts).

MODEL 8 (recommended retail price of US$1,199) is priced at US$999.00: suitable for large spaces up to 3000 square feet (enterprises, hospitals, schools, universities, hotels, restaurants, including residential spaces such as studio apartments, large living rooms and home offices) .) MODEL 8 is 30" (H) x 15" (W) x 15", weighs 43 pounds, and consumes 110 W (110/240v). MODEL 8 is probably the purifier with the highest CADR in all air, including HEPA is the most effective and the lowest cost of ownership.

In addition, Kronos also provides a unique air purifier Car Air, which can keep the air in the car as safe as possible, and provides a personal air purifier suitable for outdoor activities-FIT AIR-which can be worn on your arm. Kronos also provides advanced N95 masks and graphene masks (including high-tech invisible masks) made in the United States to better protect employees, customers, students, and teachers across the country.

Kronos uses a variety of methods to test the functionality of our air purification products. When evaluating the potential advantages of the technology, customers should evaluate their specific applications and environmental conditions. Our customers should also take reasonable safety precautions to prevent the spread of pathogens, including SARS-CoV-2. Although our products have significant advantages, you cannot rely solely on our products to control Covid or prevent its spread. Must comply with all applicable public health laws and guidelines issued by national, federal, state, and local authorities, including those issued by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), including but not limited to social distancing, hand hygiene, cough etiquette, and the use of masks use.

About Kronos Advanced Technologies, Inc.

The company was established in 2002 and was funded by the US military to develop electrostatic fans. Eventually, the company entered the consumer air purification business. It started operating as a product development company that invented and significantly changed the way air is moved, filtered, and disinfected. Historically, Kronos has focused on the development, marketing and sales of the company’s proprietary air flow and purification technologies. Kronos technology serves the indoor air quality (IAQ) market, using the most advanced high-pressure patented process, eliminating the need for traditional porous HEPA filters. Kronos-based products move, filter, disinfect and purify air quietly, while significantly reducing energy consumption to half of a 60-watt bulb. The shape or size of Kronos equipment is variable, so it is possible to reduce the size for car air purification or enlarge the size for industrial and hazardous gas destruction. The technology is currently being implemented in a variety of independent products, suitable for all types of businesses, homes and vehicles to move, disinfect and filter the air, including removing allergens as small as 14.6 nanometers by passing the air through our patented technology. In addition, there are a wide range of other markets for standalone and embedded devices based on Kronos CORE technology. The directly addressable markets are schools, universities, medical institutions, operating rooms, manufacturing clean rooms, and automobile and commercial aircraft cabins.

The company supports, which encourages people to make positive changes, while helping others to breathe safe air by donating air purifiers through influential events locally and nationwide.

Kronos published a study on the effectiveness of Kronos' patented technology on air disinfection (for example, microbial destruction), demonstrating that air purifiers based on Kronos® technology capture and destroy various types of microorganisms (including corona virus) in different environmental settings. )'S high efficiency as early as 2008. The results of this research show that the electrostatic air filtration and purification system based on Kronos technology shows high capture and destruction efficiency for different types of microorganisms, bacteria and viruses, and can be successfully used in air disinfection environments in real environments. Including hospital facilities with and without people.

In 2005, "Business Week" referred to Kronos air purifiers as "virus killers."

Kronos is the first public company to accept Dogecoin as a payment method for its products and other cryptocurrencies.

Recently, the company applied for a provisional patent concerning an innovative protective mask with antibacterial and anti-radiation protection for mobile phones. The company plans to apply for more patents to improve its existing technology and enter new market segments, but will continue to sell air purifiers and other consumer products. The company is the exclusive distributor and licensor of the latest generation of air purifiers based on the company's core technology. The company sells its products under the Airdog® and KRONOS® brands. All Kronos products come with Kronos Promise ™-guarantee your satisfaction!

The company's office is located in Parkersburg, West Virginia.

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