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2022-10-08 14:59:51 By : Ms. Alisa Xiong

Delhi Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia has approved the construction of a new filter house at the Nangloi water treatment plant (WTP) at a cost of Rs 59.7 crore to ensure round-the-clock water supply in the national capital, according to an official statement issued on Saturday.

With the new filter house having advanced technology, the Nangloi WTP will be able to treat 10-15 per cent more water during the peak summer season and meet the increased demand, the statement said.

Sisodia said the new filter house will help meet the water supply demand in different areas of Delhi and overcome the shortage of drinking water in the summer season.

''Existing filter beds in the Nangloi WTP require upgrading, which might take some time. The new filter house with space-saving technology will take less time and give more output. The Delhi government is continuously working towards increasing the supply of water by using modern techniques,'' the statement quoted Sisodia as saying.

The project will be implemented by the Delhi Jal Board at an estimated cost of Rs 59.7 crore.

The construction of the new filter house will increase the water treatment capacity of the Nangloi WTP.

''It will be able to treat 10-15 per cent more water during the summer season and in case of increased demand for water. The deputy chief minister had directed the officials to complete the work of this new filter house in the stipulated time and ensure that during the entire process, all the standards of safety-security and quality are followed with commitment,'' the statement said.

Sisodia said the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) government has been working to replace the old water pipelines in various areas across the national capital in a phased manner and also for laying new pipelines.

It has been working towards increasing the capacity of various WTPs and to provide pure drinking water to all the households, he added.

''Under this project, two new pre-settling tanks will be constructed to deal with the problem of silting. In addition, inlet chamber flash mixers, high-rate lamella clarifiers and high-rate deep bed filters will also be constructed,'' the statement said.

Presently, around 44 MGD of water is being treated through the existing filter beds of the 40-MGD Nangloi WTP.

WTPs have filter beds that are filled with sand. In the filtration process of water treatment, the remaining fine particles, viruses, bacteria, taste, odour etc. are removed from the water.

The quality of the water deteriorates due to the failure of the filter beds, thus hampering the production of water.

In the coming days, the existing filter beds here might stop working, so it is important to solve this problem in time. To deal with this situation, the Arvind Kejriwal government is building filter houses, the statement said.

Sisodia said various innovative projects like ammonia removal plants and RO plants to reduce salinity and total high dissolved solids (TDS) reduction plants are being implemented by the Delhi government to increase the supply of water.

Steps are being taken to increase the WTP capacity with advanced filters and ultrafiltration nets to remove micro-pollutants, he said in the statement.

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