Canadian air purifier company Airpura donates HEPA air purifiers to schools across North America to help fight the spread of COVID-19

2021-11-12 10:37:32 By : Mr. Alex Wu

The world has been devastated by the pandemic, but children are one of the most affected groups. School closures have adversely affected children’s mental health. Children are also the last group approved for vaccination, which makes their infection rate comparable to that of adults aged 18-49. The school competition requires the public to nominate a school that they believe is worthy of winning an air purifier for the entire school.

Laval, Quebec, November 11, 2021 (Global News Agency)-Research has shown that COVID-19 is mainly spread through the air. To prevent the spread of disease, the EPA recommends the use of portable HEPA air purifiers, especially in schools.

Airpura, a manufacturer of air purifiers, hopes to help in this struggle, and launched a back-to-school contest, asking the public to nominate a school that they believe is worthy of winning air purifiers for all classrooms in the school.

More than 1,725 ​​nominations have been received from Canada and the United States.

The Cloverdale Traditional School in Surrey, British Columbia, was named the winner of the competition and won 20 HEPA air purifiers for their school. They got the most votes from the community to help them win. Cloverdale Traditional School is an elementary school consisting of 300 children. The school is located in an undivided traditional territory shared by the Katzie, Semiahmoo and Kawntlen peoples, and upholds the traditional values ​​of respect, tolerance and kind behavior. The competition ends on September 27, 2021, and the winners will be announced on September 30, 2021.

The 10 runner-ups also received an Airpura air purifier. The following are the top 10 schools selected based on the number of votes received: Millwood Elementary School (Nova Scotia), Wilbur E Lucas Elementary School (Texas), Indian Lake High School (Ohio), Kennedy Elementary School (Dirk Saskatchewan), Southwest Adventist Junior College (Texas), DuPont Middle School (West Virginia), George Greenaway Elementary School (British Columbia), Traditional Middle School (Florida), William J Clinton Elementary School ( Texas), Pleasant Valley Elementary School (Pennsylvania).

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"Our students, parents and teachers are very grateful to air purifiers. Especially during these difficult times when these health precautions are important, our students and their parents are happy that we can provide them with cleaner air to breathe."

Isais Vidal, Principal of Wilbur E. Lucas Elementary School, second prize winner

For the past two decades, Airpura has been a leader in pathogen control. SARS-CoV-2 is the fifth pathogen that Airpura addresses through its air filtration system. Throughout the pandemic, Airpura air purifiers have been deployed in hospitals, schools, dental clinics and workplaces around the world to combat COVID-19. Learn how Airpura uses ground-breaking research and technology in its air filtration products to respond to the increasing challenges that climate change poses to the earth's air quality. These challenges include fighting toxins from wildfires, excessive particulate matter from vehicle emissions, mold from floods, and an increasingly severe allergy season.

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*Source: CDC

Figure 1: Airpura air purifier at Wilbur E. Lucas School "Our students, parents and teachers are very grateful for air purifiers. Especially in difficult times when health precautions are important. Isaias Vidal Principla of Wilbur E. Lucas Elementary School

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Airpura air purifier from Wilbur E. Lucas School

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