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The best air purifier, designed to help you breathe more easily at home.

As people's concerns about pollution are increasing, air purifiers are becoming a popular way to buy because people try to make themselves feel at ease about the air they breathe. If you want to improve the air quality in your home, you need to choose one of the best air purifiers on the market. 

There are many air purifiers that claim to purify your air, but they are an important purchase, so it is worth taking advantage of the Black Friday deals that are now available.

If you are trying to decide which air purifier to buy, please don't hesitate anymore. We conducted extensive testing and assembled all the basic information you need to make a decision. Before you check out, please check each comment to find out the size, price and certificate of each air purifier-including whether they are ENERGY STAR certified.

"The best way to improve indoor air quality is to reduce pollutants at the source and ventilate with clean outdoor air, but portable air purifiers can be an effective supplement." Tim Carroll, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency 

In order to confidently choose one of the air purifiers that best suits your needs, you need a device that can effectively remove pollutants in the air. Tim Carroll of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency told Live Science that buyers should choose a clean air delivery rate (CADR) air purifier that is large enough to accommodate the room they will use.

He added: “The higher the CADR, the more particles the air purifier can filter and the larger the area it can serve. Most air purifier packages will tell you the largest size area or room it should be used in. Portable air Purifiers usually use high efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filters to achieve high CADR".

Different buyers have different priorities for their air purifiers, and they need to make sure that it can complete the work they bought. For example, if you need to eliminate gas, you should choose an air purifier with a carbon filter or a gas-specific filter. If you are struggling when the allergy season comes, please go to our segment to find out if air purifiers are more helpful for allergies.

Buyers should also avoid using air purifiers that produce ozone because it can irritate the lungs. Tim Carroll said: "The California Air Resources Board and the Home Appliance Manufacturers Association have maintained lists of air purifiers that have been tested and show little or no ozone emission."

There are also some practical considerations to consider. The smaller, quieter model is best for light sleepers and people with limited living space. If you live in a studio apartment, you don't want to be woken up by the noise of the air purifier.

To find an air purifier at a favorable price, please check out our range of air purifiers for sale.

In our home tests, Levoit 400S performed best in removing particles from the air, capturing at least 99.5% and up to 100% of particles during the test.

Its sleek and stylish cylindrical shape uses neutral tones, which can be easily added to any room regardless of the decoration, and the color-coded display allows users to clearly understand the air quality at any given moment. 

Levoit 400S received an impressive 5 stars (out of 5 stars) on Amazon, with 85% of reviews giving it a full 5 stars. Negative comments cited issues with the VeSync application and lack of robustness in the design. Positive reviews praised the accuracy of the purifier in 2.5 micron tracking and its ability to manage and remove unpleasant odors, dust and pet dander. Customers particularly like the appearance of the Levoit 400S, even though some people say it feels a bit big. They also appreciate how quiet the purifier is when it runs on lower settings.

The air purifier is very light, with jagged handles on both sides, which can be easily moved from room to room.

The companion app that users can download provides useful data about air quality and allows users to schedule and schedule the air purifier to fit the busy family schedule. The quietest setting is almost indistinguishable, while the most powerful setting is still only 52 decibels.

Levoit 400S is stylish, quiet and powerful, and has an intuitive and easy-to-use smart interface. It is our preferred air purifier. If you are looking for a high-efficiency air purifier with excellent performance but not over budget, it may be your ideal equipment.

Dyson Purifier Cool is one of the most fashionable air purifiers on the market. Its unusual design makes it a topic of any room, while simple but genius additional features, such as a magnetic remote control, make it a higher level than ordinary air purifiers.

Dyson Purifier Cool has an average score of 4.2 out of Home Depot's five stars. Negative comments cited issues such as sensor baseline readings, poor fan quality, and noise during use. Positive reviews praised the purifier for improving the symptoms of allergy sufferers and removing unpleasant odors. Customers particularly like the integration with smart devices, automatic settings, and the stylish design of the purifier. One user commented that “it looks like a work of art”.

In hot weather, the purifier can also double as a fan, although this is not as powerful as some users hope. Users can activate, schedule, and monitor their purifiers through the Dyson app, allowing them to set fan speeds, timers, and check their air quality at home or when they’re out.

The clever LCD display can quickly switch between icons to display air quality data in real time, and the automatic mode can sense air particles and adjust fan settings to suit needs.

The high price tag of Dyson Purifier Cool may be too expensive to meet everyone's budget, but its stylish, stylish design and smart, interconnected features are impressive.

With a design area of ​​up to 600 square feet, Blue Pure 221 is an excellent choice for families with larger rooms or office spaces. Three power settings are operated by one-touch buttons. Simplicity is the key to this purifier.

Blue Pure 221 received an impressive 4.8 out of five stars on Home Depot, with hundreds of five-star reviews from satisfied customers. Positive reviews praised the performance of the purifier, saying it can help them sleep better, feel less crowded, and enjoy cleaner air quality at home. Many users like the design of the device and are satisfied with the quietness of its operation. Negative reviews mentioned performance issues, the cost of changing filters, and some people complained that higher settings were too noisy.

Our home tests found that Blue Pure 221 consistently outperformed all other air purifiers we tested. Despite the lack of smart technology, its performance is almost twice that of a purifier.

Some users may be discouraged by the weight and volume of the device. But it is still a well-designed fashion machine. In addition, its customizable fabric pre-filter can easily pair the device with any home color scheme.

Our verdict? The reliable working horse of the air purifier puts performance above the demonstration. In addition, we like the fact that it is Energy Star certified and has low operating costs.

We are currently testing the Coway AP 1512, and our exact results are still to be announced. However, Coway AP 1512 is known as an excellent air purifier because of its excellent value and high-quality performance. 

The Coway AP 1512 HH air purifier received an impressive 4.7-star rating (out of 5) on Amazon. Critics praised its quiet operation, reasonable filter replacement price and economic performance. It can be said that this is a complete winner for users. . Negative reviews stated that the instructions included did not do enough to guide users how to set up and use their air purifiers. The air purifier is light, easy to operate, and easy to integrate into the home design has been well received. 

The initial cost of this air purifier is less than $300, and it can provide you with a four-stage filtration system, HEPA filter and up to 361 square feet of coverage. The air purifier itself adopts a simple and fashionable design, and is available in two different colors, black and white. 

This air purifier performs well in dust removal and odor removal. It has a pre-filter and an odorizing filter to reduce pollutants in the air. It is also unobtrusive in terms of noise, so when paired with its smaller size, it makes it a suitable addition to any bedroom. 

The Coway AP 1512 air purifier also benefits from a built-in particle sensor. This means that you can understand the air quality in your home through the color coding system on the top of the device. When the air is clean, it will show blue light, purple means pollution, and red means high pollution. Another clever feature of the Coway AP 1512 is a sensor that can adjust the fan speed to keep the air clean, so you don't have to mess with the settings. 

Coway AP 1512 is an air purifier suitable for small spaces below 361 square feet, making it suitable for smaller spaces and bedrooms. If you need something in a larger room, then you might want to look elsewhere, while remembering that this is a great choice for a small space. 

Levoit H132 is small in size, suitable for any desktop or shelf, and low in price, making it an ideal air purifier for those who want to try the first air purifier at home. If you have a small apartment or you just want to use an air purifier in one room, then this may be your product. 

Levoit H132 received an impressive 4.7 points (out of five stars) on Home Depot. There are few negative reviews and they are far apart. A customer discovered a problem with the motor a few weeks later. Most of the reviews were positive, and users praised the purifier for its convenience and efficiency in reducing allergy symptoms. Customers particularly like how quiet the purifier is when it runs, even at the highest setting. Users said that this purifier was so effective in improving indoor air quality that they bought a second one for another room.

Levoit H132 may lack the amazing factor of a more fashionable purifier. However, it lacks style and it does provide absolute affordability. With a price of less than US$100, this is definitely one of the best air purifiers for people on a budget. 

Although this particular air purifier may not have the HEPA filter that provides the quality mark for high-quality air purifiers, it does come with a built-in dimmable night light, making it an ideal air purifier for nurseries or children’s bedrooms. Although it is not possible to pre-program the device, the memory function means that the previous fan settings are recorded before it is powered off.

Levoit H132 may not have all the bells and whistles of a smart air purifier, but its economical and compact size makes it an ideal entry-level indoor air purifier, which performs well in small and medium-sized rooms.

KOIOS EPI810 is light and compact, and is the smallest air purifier we have reviewed. It can be placed comfortably on any desk or shelf, and its 2.5-pound weight makes it light enough for travel. 

Koios EPI810 received an impressive 4.5 stars (out of five stars) on Users who gave it full five stars praised the purifier's performance and convenient and compact size. Others rate its ability to eliminate unpleasant cooking odors and pet odors. Many critics have bought several purifiers and used them in multiple rooms. Negative comments point out that the purifier may be noisy at the highest setting, or they cannot turn off the night light setting. Others criticized the quality of the device as “cheap” and said that replacing the filter was too expensive, almost half the price of the basic device. 

The purifier can be operated via a power outlet or via USB, and the simple one-button control makes it one of the easiest out-of-the-box air purifiers. The built-in night light makes it ideal for nurseries or children's rooms.

Although it has no wow factor in terms of design or complexity of smart networked air purifiers, if you want something easy to operate, KOIOS EPI810 may work well. However, in our home tests, the noisy higher settings and sluggish performance may discourage some users. 

For many users, air purifiers are worth the money because they can filter out some pollutant particles in the air at home. According to data from the Environmental Protection Agency, Americans spend approximately 90% of their time at home, and "concentrations of some pollutants are usually two to five times higher than typical outdoor concentrations." This means that it may be beneficial to have an air purifier on hand to filter out some of the pollutants.

In fact, those who suffer from medical conditions (such as asthma) caused by these pollutant particles may even find that air purifiers help relieve allergy symptoms and help reduce symptoms. 

When it comes to smoke and smoke, air purifiers can also supplement proper ventilation and air conditioning in the home. Although it will not remove all pollutants from the air in your home, buying an air purifier can help reduce the overall level of pollutants. 

In order to make the most of your air purifier, you need to pay attention to certain features when shopping. Tim Carroll of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency told Live Science: "The choice of the right air purifier will depend on the type of pollutants the user is targeting. Generally speaking, to filter particles, choose a portable air purifier with a clean air delivery rate. The CADR (CADR) is large enough to fit the size of the room or area where you will use it. 

"The higher the CADR, the more particles the air filter can filter, and the larger the area it can serve. Most air filter packages will tell you the largest area or room it should use. Portable air filters usually High CADR can be achieved through the use of high efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filters.

"To filter the gas, choose a portable air purifier with an activated carbon filter or other filter designed to remove the gas.

"Consumers should be careful not to choose an air purifier that produces any ozone, which is a lung irritant. Both the California Air Resources Board and the Home Appliance Manufacturers Association retain air that has been tested and shows little or little emissions. List of purifiers. No ozone." 

Choosing one of the best air purifiers available today will give you and your family peace of mind to buy. In recent years, concerns about air quality have made these convenient devices more and more popular.

However, it may be confusing to determine which air purifier is right for you, so we tested the selection and sorted out the basic information you need, including the size, price and certificate of each air purifier-including whether they have received energy. Star certification. 

But what does the air purifier actually do to improve your home environment? It really depends on the model, but they can remove polluting particles from the air and prevent biological impurities such as mold and bacteria from circulating in the space where you live.

If someone in your family suffers from allergies, it can also help them control the symptoms of the allergy season. 

Whether air purifiers can prevent the spread of COVID-19 in people's homes is still inconclusive. The CDC's current recommendation is to open doors and windows when the weather permits. However, there is evidence that the HEPA filter in advanced air purifiers may help remove certain viruses in the air.

Tim Carroll of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency told Live Science: “Portable air purifiers have the potential to improve the indoor air quality of anyone who uses them correctly. The longer the air purifier runs, the more air it filters.

"Please note that reducing or eliminating sources of indoor air pollutants and using clean outdoor air for ventilation is always important. Filtration does not replace the need to control pollutants and ventilation."  

Molly is the author of Live Science and Top Ten Reviews. She covers a range of topics including fitness, health and family. 

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